Midnight Oil Goat Milk Soap - Stud Suds

Midnight Oil Goat Milk Soap - Stud Suds

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Cure for all those men who love “Irish Spring” soap. This bar is masterful blend of citrus and basil, very nice! This bar has a huge following of men who love it and happy wives.

*Each bar of soap is a 5 ounce bar which contains 1 ounce of goat milk.

*By adding goat milk to the soap, it lowers the pH of the soap so it becomes almost identical to your skins pH.

*Our soap do not strip the skin of its natural oils, it is extremely moisturizing and defeats dry itchy skin.

*We milk our own goats, use earth pigments for coloring, and some soaps contain organic botanicals (herbs) to add an artistic flair.