Main Rope

The Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation, a non profit organization receives federal monies to buy the rope back from the fisherman to help with the purchase of the new sinking lines. I became aware of the massive quantity of rope that was going to be available a couple of years ago and thought “there ought to be a market for all that rope”. Over 2 million pounds have been collected to date. 
After a few ideas that did not pan out, I came up with the idea of the door mat. I made a few and took them to the local seafood festivals and put some in the coastal tourist shops. They have been a huge hit! It has been all over the news paper and regional television news. I also received a commendation from our State Senator Olympia Snowe for creating the door mat. The product also received “Best New Product” award at the 2009 New England products show in Portland, Maine.